Athlete development system

Our ADS program is an all-encompassing, sports-specific performance program designed to increase an athlete’s overall athletic ability and customized to their specific needs & goals. Ages 13 +


4pm: UpperClassmen (Ages 16+)

6pm: UnderClassmen (Ages 13-15)

7pm: In-Season Training (Ages 13+)

SATURDAYS: 10am (13+)

Perfect blend of Sports-Inspired movement & strength that emphasizes High Intensity functional training. ADS Combines varying training principles to amplify speed, strength, stamina, & agility.

This advanced program is focused on building strength, explosive power, linear & multi directional speed, deceleration, quickness and more. ADS is Designed to create a strong, fast, and agile athlete.

Monthly: In-SEASON

2X Per week


Monthly: Unlimited

5x per week