Collegiate training system

Our college training program is an all encompassing, sports specific designed to prepare collegiate athletes for their upcoming seasons by improving physical skills and maximizing performance. This program is customized to their specific needs & goals.

Who is this program for?

The program is open to any current college student athlete. Whether you’re a freshman college player or an elite professional athlete, you need to keep your body trained year-round. At Hybrid, we offer a training facility that will inspire & equip you to perform at your best and reach your goals.

What can you expect this summer?

Hybrid Athlete prepares college athletes for their upcoming seasons by improving physical skills, speed, strength and maximizing performance. We are here for you during your summer and winter breaks to keep you active and help prepare before your next season gets underway,

This program offers five core pillars: dynamic warm-ups, performance, strength, core & conditioning, and recovery. It provides a weekly schedule based on the TriPhasic training model.

Every athlete will receive an evaluation prior to the start of program. Evaluations will include a full movement screen to ensure that we address any movement concerns, as well as choose the right program to best fit the athletes needs.

Additionally, athletes will go through quick daily readiness each session. This questionnaire will allow us to see how you are recovering from your training, sleeping, & possible summer competitive schedules. Training will then be optimized to ensure consistent progress, while keeping you on a safe path to reaching your goals.

Each athlete will have the option to train at two different group start times five days a week. For those who want to workout on their own, with their own collegiate program, there is an Open Gym Membership for $49/month. Please note there is no programming or instruction from coaches with this membership. Open Gym Hours are M-TH 5am-9pm, F 5am-7pm.

Summer Program Schedule

Monday: 6:00am & 5pm
Tuesday: 6:00am & 5pm
Wednesday: 6:00am & 5pm
Thursday: 6:00am & 5pm
Friday: 6:00am & 5pm

The cost for training will be $160/month.

Evaluations will be ran the week of June 1st-June 4th.

Monthly: Full Summer Training


Monthly: Open Gym Membership